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Common cause analysis

Go automated – Automate fault troubleshooting to find the set of "common cause" entities associated with a set of network elements affected by service degradations.

所有产品 Common cause analysis
所有产品 Common cause analysis

Automated troubleshooting

The common cause analysis module (CCA) searches the topology to find a set of potential causes. These causes are entities common to the symptom set, which means they can be linked via demonstrable topological dependencies. CCA then presents data from multiple measurement, fault management and work order management sources to further analyse and prioritize the symptom set.

Faster troubleshooting

CCA is much faster than the traditional manual approach: it typically produces an ordered shortlist of potential root causes in a matter of seconds, which has a dramatic effect on strategic planning and productivity.

Flexible troubleshooting

The CCA algorithm is not domain specific. It is fully generalized to work with any functional dependencies that are modelled in the topology—for example, between IT systems and their dependent clients or between network nodes and services and their dependent users.

Key features

  • EXFO Ontology’s unique algorithm highlights problem equipment even if it doesn’t produce alarms 
  • Cross-domain topology extends CCA product beyond the capabilities of the single-technology root cause analysis systems 
  • Fault, performance and change control data can be linked to the algorithm to narrow down CCA root cause results for higher levels of automation
  • CCA can consider more than just network topology; it can also modify logical service dependencies
  • CCA identifies cases where more than one root cause is necessary to explain a set of degraded entities

Common cause analysis


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