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Change impact analysis and planning

Avoid potential outages and service degradations while reducing both the cost and length of disruptions.

所有产品 Change impact analysis and planning
所有产品 Change impact analysis and planning

Impact analysis made simple

The change impact analysis module equips project managers with accurate network and customer data, making it easier to plan changes or upgrades to network infrastructure. It makes calculating plan impacts and conflicts easy and obvious and proactively warns stakeholders when the severity of a pending plan is modified. EXFO Ontology’s dynamic network topology model visualizes these aggregated changes and flags any that cause conflicts.

Planning is safer

Distributed planning is made safer as it allows different change planners to submit simultaneous change plans. Impacts are calculated, severities assigned and central planning supervisors are informed when conflicts occur. It can be integrated with workflow management systems, which minimizes disruption to existing business processes while still providing fully automated change impact analysis.

Planning is cheaper

Plan supervisors can investigate plan schedules to determine if cost savings can be made by combining overlapping changes, or to see if rescheduling conflicting changes can remove calculated change plan collisions. Centralized coordination of multiple change plans can also help to reduce both cost and the length of disruptions by combining changes that impact the same parts of the network or the same top-level services.

Key features

  • Automatically uses the most up-to-date topology available, reducing customer outages and increasing service uptime
  • Maintains a calculation of severity, impact and collisions, and proactively warns stakeholders when pending plan severity changes
  • Makes distributed planning safe by pre-emptively finding collisions across teams; models network redundancy, protection and faults; and can integrate with various workflow systems
  • Reduces cost of replanning by providing the visibility needed to consolidate overlapping changes into fewer, more efficient tasks, and avoids costly outages and degradations

Change impact analysis and planning


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