Communicates with a TestFlow Server to download templates enabling field test process automation across a variety of different test types, consolidating test results into a single closeout package for upload to the server.

EXFO’s TestFlow solution breaks down complex test procedures into a step-by-step automated sequence ensuring that the technician has access to the right test parameters and procedures.  The TestFlow application works in conjunction with EXFO’s fleet of FTB Ecosystem field testing products.   


TestFlow 可用于

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TestFlow Mini ToolBox X 1 2.13 5月. 2022 下载区
- All versions   
TestFlow Mini ToolBox X 1 2.12 3月. 2022 下载区
TestFlow Mini ToolBox X 1 2.11 12月. 2020 下载区
TestFlow Mini ToolBox X 1 2.7 12月. 2019 下载区