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EXFO’s radio access network test solution speeds up cell-site commissioning

发布日期: 2017年8月29日

EXFO today announced the addition of baseband unit (BBU) emulation technology recently acquired from Absolute Analysis to the powerful FTB-1 Pro portable test platform.

QUEBEC CITY, CANADA, August 29, 2017 — EXFO Inc. (NASDAQ: EXFOTSX: EXF), the network test, monitoring and analytics experts, today announced the addition of baseband unit (BBU) emulation technology recently acquired from Absolute Analysis to the powerful FTB-1 Pro portable test platform. This solution validates the quality of installation of new or upgraded cell sites by identifying and addressing issues with remote radio heads (RRHs) and antennas during the first site visit. EXFO’s BBU emulation technology has already been approved and adopted by a North American Tier 1 mobile network operator (MNO).

By accessing the RRH directly before installation, technicians can run tests not previously possible without a commissioned BBU, helping them accurately identify and resolve issues faster. Since results are representative of live cell-site performance, mobile technicians can be confident of the quality of their installation prior to handoff to MNOs.

The ability to isolate problems associated with RF interference, PIM testing and LTE transmission make BBU emulation a must-have feature. In addition, MNOs can now benefit from full emulation of CPRI control and management (C&M) and IQ data as well as the identification and reporting of valuable information such as local SFP, remote SFP, antenna remote electrical tilt (RET) and VSWR data. Already featuring a best-in-class lineup of capabilities including automated fiber connector inspection, fiber characterization using the innovative iOLM™ application, CPRI link validation, and OpticalRF™ for the most powerful real-time, high-resolution RF spectrum analysis over CPRI/OBSAI, the addition of BBU emulation on the FTB-1 Pro platform makes it an unbeatable solution.

“Adding revolutionary BBU emulation technology to EXFO’s unmatched fronthaul test solution makes it the true all-in-one choice to efficiently validate fiber-based mobile networks,” said Stéphane Chabot, EXFO’s Vice President, Test and Measurement. “Operators get to revenue faster, cut the total cost to deploy next-generation wireless fronthaul networks and deliver consistently outstanding service to their subscribers.”

About EXFO

EXFO develops smarter network test, monitoring and analytics solutions for the world’s leading communications service providers, network equipment manufacturers and webscale companies. Since 1985, we’ve worked side by side with our customers in the lab, field, data center, boardroom and beyond to pioneer essential technology and methods for each phase of the network lifecycle. Our portfolio of test orchestration and real-time 3D analytics solutions turn complex into simple and deliver business-critical insights from the network, service and subscriber dimensions. Most importantly, we help our customers flourish in a rapidly transforming industry where “good enough” testing, monitoring and analytics just aren’t good enough anymore—they never were for us, anyway. For more information, visit EXFO.com and follow us on the EXFO Blog.




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