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发布日期: 2017年8月30日

Following an extensive testing process, EXFO is proud to announce that the MAX-635G—its complete Gfast, DSL and copper test set—has been declared a Gfast Certified Interoperable product as per Broadband Forum (BBF) IR-337.

The MAX-635G was successfully tested by the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL) against the Calix AXOS E5-16F distribution point unit (DPU) which utilized the Sckipio SCK3001 Gfast chipset, and the Nokia SX-16F DPU which utilized the Broadcom BCM65246 Gfast chipset.

Certification improves confidence in interoperability

The Broadband Forum’s IR-337 Gfast Certification demonstrates interoperability between multiple chipsets and product combinations. This program has played a significant role in understanding and improving the implementation of Gfast throughout the industry.

“The UNH-IOL is thrilled to see the list of Gfast certified devices growing since the program launch in June 2017. Certified products conform to a rigorous set of tests, ensuring the devices interoperate and provide a level of performance and stability required for service provider deployments,” said Lincoln Lavoie, Senior Engineer, Broadband Technologies at UNH-IOL.

“Our customers look to EXFO to provide interoperable solutions based on solid standards and technical requirements such as those defined by the Broadband Forum’s IR-337,” said Chris Dunford, Product Line Manager with EXFO’s Access Business Unit. “With best-in-class 35 MHz copper testing capabilities, the MAX-635G with Speedtest® by Ookla®, allows our customers to confidently test their Gfast and VDSL2 deployments. And now, as the only Gfast Certified handheld equipped with the Ookla Speedtest application for proving throughput performance, the MAX-635G raises the bar yet again.”

About Gfast

Gfast (as defined by BBF) is an ultra-fast broadband access standard for copper local loops shorter than 500 m, with aggregate data rates between 150 Mbit/s and 1 Gbit/s depending on several factors (i.e. loop length, physical faults, noise, etc.). Gfast deployments typically coincide with fiber-to-the-distribution-point (FTTdp) installations.

About EXFO

EXFO develops smarter network test, monitoring and analytics solutions for the world’s leading communications service providers, network equipment manufacturers and webscale companies. Since 1985, we’ve worked side by side with our customers in the lab, field, data center, boardroom and beyond to pioneer essential technology and methods for each phase of the network lifecycle. Our portfolio of test orchestration and real-time 3D analytics solutions turn complex into simple and deliver business-critical insights from the network, service and subscriber dimensions. Most importantly, we help our customers flourish in a rapidly transforming industry where “good enough” testing, monitoring and analytics just aren’t good enough anymore—they never were for us, anyway. For more information, visit EXFO.com and follow us on the EXFO Blog.


GFast Certified

* The Gfast logo is trademark of Broadband Forum
* Ookla and Speedtest are registered trademarks of Ookla


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