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EXFO launches fastest fiber inspection scope for optical connectors

发布日期: 2020年12月1日

Combatting the #1 cause of network failures with best-in-class inspection

QUEBEC CITY, CANADA, December 1, 2020 — EXFO Inc. (NASDAQ: EXFO, TSX: EXF), the communications industry’s test, monitoring and analytics experts, today introduced a new fiber inspection scope designed to vastly improve multi-fiber connector testing in data centers and other telecom networks.

The ability to quickly and easily inspect connectors has never been more important as operators transition to 5G mobility and 400/800 Gbps networking. Research1 has shown that the #1 cause of network failures is contaminated connectors, and 80% of network operators reported having connector issues. With multi-fiber connectors, a single connector failure can cause major outages. Multi-fiber links typically used to carry high-speed traffic are particularly sensitive to bad connectors.

“Our goal in designing the FIP-500 was to solve pain points in increasingly high-speed networks. Connectors are the weakest point, especially in dense and high-speed traffic scenarios, where a dirty connector can lead to serious network problems. Yet, fast multi-fiber push on (MPO) connector testing has never been effective,” said Stephane Chabot, EXFO’s Vice President of Test and Measurement. “Without the right tools, it can be understandably tempting to skip the inspection step, and then ‘plug and pray.’ Technicians need fast, accurate and convenient fiber endface testing for the many hundreds of thousands of multi-fiber connectors embedded in networks worldwide.”

The FIP-500 is the fastest solution on the market, with a high level of automation and best-in-class optical design delivering reliable and repeatable results every time. While built with MPO testing in mind, the FIP-500 supports both single and multi-fiber connector testing.

Key benefits of the FIP-500 MPO probe include:

  • accurate and repeatable testing every time
  • fastest MPO inspection process on the market – less than 10 seconds for full inspection and saved results of an MPO-12 connector
  • zero-button operation and automation for ease-of-use and time saving
  • easiest tip replacement when switching between connector types or from single to multi-fiber (e.g. from LC single-fiber to MPO) with the quick connect mechanism
  • low cost of ownership thanks to default long reach tips, tip switching mechanism and level of automation that doesn’t require training
  • cost-effective compared to current options.

As a pioneer in fiber optical testing, EXFO is committed to bringing innovations to make the inspection process more efficient.

About EXFO

EXFO (NASDAQ: EXFO) (TSX: EXF) develops smarter test, monitoring and analytics solutions for fixed and mobile network operators, webscale companies and equipment manufacturers in the global communications industry. Our customers count on us to deliver superior network performance, service reliability and subscriber insights. They count on our unique blend of equipment, software and services to accelerate digital transformations related to fiber, 4G/LTE and 5G deployments. They count on our expertise with automation, real-time troubleshooting and big data analytics, which are critical to their business performance. We’ve spent over 35 years earning this trust, and today 1,900 EXFO employees in over 25 countries work side by side with our customers in the lab, field, data center and beyond.

For information:

Vance Oliver
Director, Investor Relations
(418) 683-0913, ext. 23733
[email protected]

CCgroup, for EXFO:
Wilf Collins
+44 7719 989 444
Chloe Pope
+44 7741 242 227
[email protected]


1 NTT-Advanced Technology/Lightcounting DC Report 2015


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