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Witness the fastest fiber inspection ever!

  • 2020年12月1日
  • Virtual event


Philippe Morin


Philippe Morin于2017年4月被EXFO公司任命为首席执行官(CEO)。他拥有超过25年的电信行业工作经验,并于2015年11月成为EXFO公司的首席运营官(COO),领导公司的全球销售、市场开发、营销和产品战略。在加入EXFO前,Morin在Ciena担任全球销售和运营高级副总裁。在此之前,他在北电网络担任多个高级领导职务,包括城域以太网业务总裁、光网络业务副总裁和总经理。Philippe Morin曾获得魁北克市拉瓦尔大学电气工程学士学位和蒙特利尔麦吉尔大学的商业(MBA)硕士学位。

Stéphane Chabot


Stéphane Chabot于1998年加入EXFO,最初担任产品线经理,后于2001年升任运营商市场的产品线经理。作为测试与测量副总裁,Chabot先生负责整个光和接入与平台产品线。在此之前,他于2006年开始担任EXFO的光业务部门总监。在担任该职务期间,Chabot先生领导由他负责的主要团队开展全球光业务并制定业务发展战略、制定并维护产品线的发展路线图及发展远景、开展并管理年度营销活动、确保市场营销计划、开拓新市场、关注主要市场和竞争对手的最新情况、分析产品线性能和指标、定期制定基准并负责整个产品线的合作/OEM/兼并等活动。他在担任光业务部门总监期间成绩卓著,将年营业收入提高一倍至1.2亿美元,将便携式光解决方案的市场份额增加到38%,并在全球多个主要应用领域(如光纤到户)取得领导地位。在加入EXFO前,他于1992年至1998年在加拿大空军服役,担任通信官。Stéphane Chabot曾获得加拿大皇家军事学院的空间科学学士学位,并获得拉瓦尔大学工商管理学位证书。

Guillaume Lavallée

Product Line Manager

Guillaume Lavallée is a Product Line Manager at EXFO. Guillaume is responsible for the optical solutions in the Installation & Maintenance division. He holds an MBA and a university degree in Physics Engineering specialized in optics. Guillaume has over 12 years of experience in the telecom industry during which he has built a strong expertise in test and measurement best practices.

Gwenn Amice

Subject Matter Expert

Gwenn Amice currently holds the position of Subject Matter Expert with EXFO, focusing on next generation optical network in charge of technical seminars, trainings, support and technical advices to EXFO’s customers.

Since 2019 Gwenn Amice has been appointed Senior member of technical staff representing EXFO at industry standard events and interfacing with EXFO product development groups.

Mr. Amice holds a university degree in electrical engineering and industrial computing.

He is a member of the Broadband Forum Americas Technology Committee

Marie-Anne Grondin

Marketing Manager

Marie-Anne is in charge of marketing for all EXFO products related to Data Centers and FTTx Broadband Access. Prior to holding this position, she was in charge of all external communications globally, including media placements and public relations. She is greatly involved in Corporate Social Responsibility and social media communications activities as well as spokespeople training. She also participates in many industry events. Marie-Anne graduated from the University of South Alabama with a bachelor’s degree in communications and a master of business administration (MBA).

Michel Leblanc

Research & Development Manager

Michel Leblanc graduated from Laval University in Canada with M.Sc. in Engineering Physics in 1991. He joined EXFO after his graduation and he was leading the development of EXFO’s first generation of OTDR.  Over the years, Michel has taken several leadership positions within EXFO R&D: Manager of Reflectometry, Manager of Research, Manager of Systems Engineering. Michel has been active in different international Committees (ISO, TIA) for the standardisation of test procedures for structured cabling of inside and outside premises. In 2016, Michel joined the High-Speed Photonics Component division of CIENA, where he was Manager for Tests and Measurements.

In 2018, Michel returned to EXFO, leading the Technical Product Owner team and Optical Research team.