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Telecoms Europe Digital Transformation

  • 2021年6月15日 - 2021年6月16日
  • Online event

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Philippe Morin


Philippe Morin于2017年4月被EXFO公司任命为首席执行官(CEO)。他拥有超过25年的电信行业工作经验,并于2015年11月成为EXFO公司的首席运营官(COO),领导公司的全球销售、市场开发、营销和产品战略。在加入EXFO前,Morin在Ciena担任全球销售和运营高级副总裁。在此之前,他在北电网络担任多个高级领导职务,包括城域以太网业务总裁、光网络业务副总裁和总经理。Philippe Morin曾获得魁北克市拉瓦尔大学电气工程学士学位和蒙特利尔麦吉尔大学的商业(MBA)硕士学位。

Join EXFO's CEO Philippe Morin on June 15 at 11:50 GMT for a discussion about why user experience is so important in the age of 5G.

5G gets personal – user experience is revenue

The Customer Experience era is over; we’re now entering the Customer Expectation era. 5G brings the promise of anytime, anywhere services - adaptable, personalized for any use case or application, any human or machine. These expectations cannot be met by engineering networks from the inside out; service providers must now solve for the customer first. Learn how MNOs, enterprises, their partners, and customers can use AI-powered insight to align forces and meet every customer expectation.




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