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EXFO @ OFC 2023

Automate. Accelerate.

2023年3月7日 - 2023年3月9日 San Diego, CA Booth #5927

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EXFO @ OFC 2023
2023年3月7日 - 2023年3月9日 San Diego, CA Booth #5927
EXFO @ OFC 2023
2023年3月7日 - 2023年3月9日 San Diego, CA Booth #5927

Meet our experts!

Let’s discuss your needs around automated and accelerated testing


Gwenn Amice

Subject Matter Expert

Gwenn Amice currently holds the position of Subject Matter Expert with EXFO, focusing on next generation optical network in charge of technical seminars, trainings, support and technical advices to EXFO’s customers.

Since 2019 Gwenn Amice has been appointed Senior member of technical staff representing EXFO at industry standard events and interfacing with EXFO product development groups.

Mr. Amice holds a university degree in electrical engineering and industrial computing.

He is a member of the Broadband Forum Americas Technology Committee


Stéphane Chabot


Stéphane Chabot于1998年加入EXFO,最初担任产品线经理,后于2001年升任面向运营商市场的产品线经理。如今,作为现场业务开发副总裁,Stéphane负责最大限度地推动EXFO现场业务的增长,特别是在光纤、传输和5G测试领域。2019年至2022年,Stéphane担任测试与测量业务副总裁,负责领导光/物理、高速传输与数据通信以及制造与研发业务部门。从2006到2019年,Stéphane担任EXFO公司的光业务部门总监。在担任该职务期间,Stéphane领导由他负责的主要团队开展全球光业务并制定业务发展战略、制定并维护产品线的发展路线图及发展远景、开展并管理年度营销活动、确保产品上市计划的顺利实施、开拓新市场、关注主要市场和竞争对手的最新情况、分析产品线性能和指标、定期进行基准测试并负责整个产品线的合作/OEM/兼并等活动。Stéphane在担任光业务部门总监时成绩斐然,使该部门的年销售收入翻了一番,超过1.2亿美元,并将EXFO在便携式光解决方案市场的全球份额提高到38%。他的领导在遍及全球的许多关键应用中发挥了重要作用,如光纤到户(FTTH)。在加入EXFO前,他于1992年至1998年在加拿大空军服役,担任通信官。Stéphane Chabot曾获得加拿大皇家军事学院(Royal Military College of Canada)的空间科学学士学位,并获得魁北克市拉瓦尔大学(Université Laval)工商管理学位证书。


François Couny

Senior Product Line Manager

François Couny is Product Line Manager for EXFO Optics. He started his career in 2001 as a Test & Measurement engineer at Blaze Photonics, a start-up company specialized in Photonic Crystal Fibre and completed his Ph.D. in Photonics in 2008 at the Centre for Photonics and Photonic Material at the University of Bath (UK). He went on to join Yenista Optics in 2010 with a focus on developing tuneable laser sources and spectral solutions, including an Optical Spectrum Analyzer and also an optical component tester adapted to photonic integrated circuits characterization. Since 2015, François has been PLM for Yenista Optics, now part of EXFO as EXFO Optics.


Antoine Gervais

Optical Designer

Antoine Gervais is an Optical Designer at EXFO, bringing key expertise in the field of photonic integrated circuits (PIC). He started his career in the start-up EHVA Photonics, now part of EXFO, where he developed automated and advanced test solutions for PIC and liaised with customers about test services. Antoine holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering from the Université Laval, where he designed silicon photonics sensors.


Andrea Guglierame

Business Development Manager

Andrea Guglierame is a Business Development Manager at EXFO. Andrea started his career in 2006 as System Test Engineer and Designer of LiNbO3 electro-optic modulators at Avanex (then Oclaro). In 2009, he joined Finisar (now Coherent) holding various positions as Field Application Engineer, Technical Sales Specialist and Sales Manager with a focus on tunable and coherent optics. He holds a master's degree in telecommunication engineering with a specialization in optical communication from Politecnico di Milano.


Aldo Gutiérrez

Solution Manager

Aldo Gutierrez is Product Line Manager in Manufacturing Design and Research at EXFO. He has more than five years of experience in research and development in the field of optical communications. He has brought his expertise to around 20 international scientific conferences and has also collaborated in more than 15 peer-reviewed articles as author and coauthor. He holds a bachelor's and master's degree in electrical engineering from the National Autonomous University of Mexico and a PhD in physics from the University of Rennes 1. At EXFO, Aldo supports and launches tactical activities related to optical spectrum analyzers, tunable filters, BER testers, optical scopes and 400G transport & datacom solutions.


Guillaume Lavallée

Product Line Manager

Guillaume Lavallee is a product line manager at EXFO, the communications industry’s test, monitoring and analytics experts. He oversees the optical products in the Installation and Maintenance division. He has more than 15 years of experience in telecom test and measurement, related technologies and best practices. Guillaume has a bachelor’s degree in Physics Engineering, specialized in Optics, as well as an MBA from Canada’s University Laval.


Sophie Legault

Director Business Unit High-Speed & T&D

Sophie Legault has a solid foundation in the telecommunications industry with over 15 years of experience. She currently holds the position of Director - Transport & Datacom Business Unit.

Sophie began her career as a Network Specialist for Stentor, the once cross-country network operator for Canadian ILECs. She then expanded her experience as a Systems Engineer for Nortel Networks’ optical Internet product line. Sophie has accumulated a solid background in both telecom and datacom network applications.

She holds a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from École Polytechnique de Montreal as well as an MBA from École des Hautes Études Commerciales in Montreal.


Leo Lin

Director - Business Unit NEMs Manufacturing Design & research

Leo Lin has 20+ years of experience in the telecom and IT sectors. He currently holds the position of Director – NEMs Manufacturing Design & Research at EXFO. Prior to that, Leo has held various leadership roles in product management, sales & marketing and engineering at Finisar, QXP, Wistron, EZconn and Chorum and led multidisciplinary teams to launch over 16 new product families for data centers, wireless, DWDM transport and FTTx. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering Science from University of Toronto and a master's degree in Electrical Engineering from McGill University in Montreal.


François Marcotte

Subject Matter Expert

François Marcotte is a Senior member of technical staff and Subject Matter Expert at EXFO. With 30+ years in the telecom industry, he started as a repair tech for DMS-100 systems. Over the years, François has acquired expert knowledge on Ethernet, IP, OTN and high speed optical technologies. He is continuously working with customers as a technical advisor for testing high speed systems and troubleshooting 5G performance. François is involved with product definition and guidance at EXFO for Ethernet and optical transport solutions. He regularly contributes as a speaker in various seminars and webinars. François graduated in electrical engineering from Polytechnique Montreal.


David J. Rodgers

Technical Business Development Manager

David J. Rodgers is a seasoned Test and Measurement (T&M) professional with wide-ranging experience in serial communications protocol and interconnect validation, and a focus on Ethernet network and Fibre Channel fabric solutions where he has been defining, designing, deploying and marketing a broad range of high-speed serial analysis T&M products for SANs and LANs. David has 35+ years industry experience in bringing new computer technologies to market with a wide-ranging background in business, program management and product development of serial protocol T&M solutions. He is an original member of the USB Implementers Forum and one of the pioneer marketers of USB protocol analyzers. David represents EXFO for high-speed interconnect test technologies including Ethernet and Fibre Channel in various protocol industry groups such as IEEE, T10/T11 standards bodies, the Ethernet Alliance and the Fibre Channel Industry Association.


Romain Tursi

Solution Manager

Romain Tursi is a Solution Manager for EXFO Remote Fiber Testing & Monitoring. He has been in the test & measurement industry for over 10 years, helping operators and contractors with best practices for efficient fiber deployment and reliable optical networks. Romain has a background in business development and international sales support. He holds a MBA, International Management from Laval University and a Bachelor in Management Sciences from Aix-Marseille University.


Jean-Marie Vilain

Solution Manager

Jean-Marie Vilain brings to EXFO more than thirty years of extensive experience in optical transport networks, signal integrity testing and protocol network testing. His past experience also led him to work with major telecom accounts in Americas, EMEA and Asia, and to develop a deep expertise in technical marketing, competitive analysis and sales strategy. Jean-Marie Vilain holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from École de technologie supérieure de Montréal.

Explore innovative solutions around:

  • Next-gen photonics
  • Optical components
  • 400G/800G and next-gen transceivers
  • Data centers
  • Broadband service activation
  • FTTx/GPON/XGS-PON rollouts
  • Remote fiber testing and monitoring

Check out the interoperability of our solutions at the booths of key industry players. As the worldwide leader in optical testing, EXFO also invites you to attend talks by several of its experts.

Join the conversation on LinkedIn, and stay tuned for upcoming announcements.


Next-generation photonics

Are you looking to automate PIC tests to speed up production without compromising on quality? Accelerate lab to field for passive and active optical components through industry-leading solutions that are automated, rapid and reliable. Cost-optimized and scalable, these hardware and software solutions can interoperate with any third-party instrumentation (e.g., wafer disc handling systems).

At OFC 2023, see our new continuously tunable lasers (T200S and T500S) in action and EXFO’s fully automated test solution for photonic integrated circuits.

Reliable tests, faster.

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400G/800G and next-generation transceivers

Why is flexibility key when testing 400G/800G transmissions? Discover innovative testing solutions that are evolutive and compliant with today's and tomorrow's high-speed 400G/800G networking and coherent optics within data centers.

Leverage powerful, versatile and scalable T&M capabilities through rackmounted and portable platforms with a wide variety of modules for optimal flexibility. These comprehensive solutions integrate seamlessly with existing production processes to ensure fast and accurate end-to-end testing up to 800G.

We'll be demoing our latest dual-port 400G compact tester (the FTBx-88480) at OFC 2023. Come see it in action!

Boost your 400G/800G game!

Learn more


Data centers and enterprise

Having some trouble testing MPO and 400G? EXFO has a portfolio spanning physical and network layer testing to optimize modern leaf and spine switching fabrics.

Come chat with the world’s leading optical test experts at OFC 2023 and explore industry-acclaimed innovations.

Speed up testing for parallel optics.

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Broadband services & FTTx, GPON, XGS-PON rollouts

Equip field teams delivering broadband access with test solutions that are robust and purpose-built for today’s technology landscape. EXFO’s intuitive and intelligent solutions provide the right results on the first try. They also leverage automation and data analytics for informed workflow and fleet management.​ They ultimately provide clear visibility into network quality. 

Get equipped for the long run!

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Remote fiber testing and monitoring

Looking to reduce downtime and mean-time-to-repair on your optical networks? EXFO’s remote fiber testing and monitoring (RFTM) solution enables hyperscalers and data center operators to assess, analyze and monitor live fiber connections between data centers, delivering improved network visibility and increased uptime. RFTM enables pro-active automated maintenance and touchless operation. Performance is regularly tested and compared to detect faults and identify degradation trends, reducing downtime. Scalable, centralized test heads can be triggered on-demand from anywhere via mobile app or web console, locating fiber impairments to within a few feet and across demarcation points, accelerating repair time. Rich test results and reporting data can be accessed through secure APIs. RFTM can be paired with EXFO’s portable testers for granular performance data on DWDM links, high-speed links (up to 400G) and coherent optics.

Rule your fiber with EXFO RFTM.

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Automate. Accelerate.

Testing you can trust.

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