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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of your deep questions.

Is EXFO still hiring during the pandemic?

Yes! Telecommunication services have proven to be crucial in these unprecedented times and EXFO is an essential provider for the industry. Check our list of openings regularly.

What happens after I submit my resumé on EXFO.com?

Our HR team and the hiring managers will carefully evaluate your application for a potential fit. We will inform you whether you are selected or not.

Who has access to the personal data I provide?

We highly value data privacy and go to great lengths to protect your personal data. Only people involved in the recruitment process are granted access to your information. Additionally, as per our protocols, records are erased after a period of two years.

May I apply for another role if I was interviewed previously and was not chosen?

Absolutely. An unsuccessful interview does not prevent you from being a good fit for another role. Our organization is big enough to offer a wide array of job opportunities.

How will interviews be conducted during the pandemic?

We have taken intensive steps to implement sanitary measures across the company to minimize risks related to the virus. In most cases, the initial interview will be conducted remotely, and, in some cases, final interviews will be done in-person, according to tight safety guidelines.

How can I stay informed of new job openings?

We invite you to follow us on LinkedIn to stay informed of jobs opportunities as well as industry and company-related news. Or you may also simply visit our careers section regularly.

Meet your teammates

Get to know some of the people that make up our incredible pool of talent across the globe.


Project Leader, Quebec City , Since 一月 2000

"I love museums and documentaries. I like to understand our history and discover the wonders of our universe."


Customer Service Agent , Since 一月 2015

"Surfing or boxing, I’m looking for the thrill. Interesting adventures and encounters are the salt of life."


Transportation & Custom Analyst , Since 一月 2008

"I love positive atmospheres that nurture happiness. Travelling also fills my life with joy."


Senior Product Line Manager, Montreal , Since 一月 2009

"I love to run. I run because it's simple, because I need it. It's a powerful way to clear my mind and gives me the confidence to achieve my goals."




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