Adaptive service assurance drives 5G standalone

To manage 5G standalone service quality and customer experience, service assurance must be dynamic, cloud-native and orchestrated. Today’s big data delays and siloed systems will not cut it with critical 5G services. Monetizing 5G standalone requires on-demand services, enterprise SLAs and innovative experiences to be monitored in a new way.

How to deliver a perfect connected 5G experience, every time

With the right data, at the right time, in context, MNOs can detect, diagnose and resolve—or predict and prevent—customer-impacting events that occur in 5G standalone networks and services.

Adapt services to dynamic conditions

Automate problem resolution at scale

Gain end-to-end user experience visibility

Nova Adaptive service assurance

An open, flexible and efficient way to monitor KPIs for any service, customer or device. AI-driven analytics reveal the small data that matters in the moment to automatically deliver service quality and customer experience.

Rapidly detects and predicts performance issues

Diagnoses root causes and recommends fixes

Automates service assurance and customer experience

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