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Fiber optic test and measurement

High-performance, agile and automated optical and network protocol testing solutions

Vos défis

  • Finding a trusted source of tools for all your optical testing needs
  • Introducing new, fully automated testing features into existing measurement setups
  • Finding affordable, flexible and reconfigurable tools for adaptable testing solutions
  • Addressing emerging optical test requirements with future-proof measurement technology
  • Addressing lack of wide range network protocol testing from 1G to 400G



Avantages clés

Solutions for insertion loss, return loss and polarization dependent loss on passive optical components.

High-resolution optical spectrum analysis.

Full remote control of all test instruments for complete automation.

Comprehensive range of light sources including state-of-the-art lasers for passive component testing.

Wide choice of optical modules to build complete test systems.


  • Spectrally resolved passive optical component testing
  • Spectral characterization
  • Optical channel filtering
  • Sensing and spectroscopy
  • Interferometry and metrology
  • WDM light source