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NQMSfiber training

NQMSfiber is a second-generation remote fiber test system featuring a fault-on-map solution with GIS-based network documentation. NQMSfiber is certified for operation with a third-party network monitoring system called OSPInsight®. This training is intended for network maintenance managers and technicians, and covers the OSPInsight system architecture, drawing and configuration.

All courses NQMSfiber training
All courses NQMSfiber training


  • OSPInsight and MapInfo system architecture
    • System architecture overview
    • Database configuration
    • Working directories
    • MapInfo workspaces
    • MapInfo introduction
    • MapInfo tools through OSPInsight
  • OSPInsight drawing and configuration
    • Working with zoom and layers
    • OSPInsight toolbar
  • Adding network elements and connectivity
    • Building
    • Termination point
    • Access points
    • Cable
    • Enclosure
    • Splice point
    • Slack loops
  • Creating end-to-end connectivity into OSPInsight (saved route)
  • OSPInsight database synchronization
  • Saved routes and NQMS
    • Binding the saved routes with NQMS routes
    • Adjusting OTDR length vs. OSP length
    • Managing NQMS alarms on OSPInsight
  • Hands-on session


  • Prior experience with a network inventory system and/or geographical GIS preferred, but not required.


The course can be given using the customer’s NQMSfiber system or at the EXFO factory in a laboratory setup and consist of demonstrations and a hands-on session.


Attendees will receive a binder containing copies of presentations and other handouts.

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