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Fiber characterization

This course provides a comprehensive step-by-step technique for characterizing a singlemode fiber pair. The course covers the methods, standards and practices necessary to produce a comprehensive report.

1 day On-site
All courses Fiber characterization
All courses Fiber characterization


  • Fiber characterization: General overview
  • Singlemode fiber specifications
  • Singlemode fiber and light
  • Loss and dispersion
  • Different types of loss
  • Different types of dispersion
  • Fiber Characterization: Defacto standard
  • Fiber characterization: Suite of tests
  • Fiber characterization: Standards, practices and methods of procedure
  • Fiber characterization: Analysis and spec comparisons
  • Fiber characterization: Comprehensive reporting


  • Basic comprehension of math and physics
  • Basics of testing with OTDRs and power meters


This course uses multimedia presentations, documentation and animations.


Attendees will receive links to animations and documentation.

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