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17 avril 2018

Why has network topology suddenly become a customer-care tool?

Benedict Enweani

Business Development Director, Systems & Services, EXFO

Patrick Kelly

Founder, Partner and Principal Analyst, Appledore Research Group

It is perhaps surprising that network topology has moved from the back office of the OSS and planning groups, to the front office of customer care. CSPs now recognize the acute need to overlay network visualisation with contextual data about their customers and their services. Planned work (i.e., jobs to be executed, open faults requiring rapid resolution, performance problems, and major network incidents) all need to be understood against an accurate live topology.

Why? Because a dynamic live topology is the only way possible to track and link simultaneous occurrences and incidents on the network to the services that are being sold to, and consumed by, specific customers. Multipurpose in application—such a graph can also be used to understand the dynamic network. A dynamic live topology provides the fundamental linking capability that the modern customer service center needs to succeed.

Webinar attendees will learn:

  • Why virtualized dynamic resources chained together to support specific customers and services will require a live topology graph
  • How a real-time network and service topology platform improves both service and customer assurance and how their rapid deployment can deliver immediate business benefit. To demonstratrate this, business use cases will be presented
  • The benefits of using a graph-data based approach and a graph pattern matching inference/rules engine to discover and accurately represent a service and its underlying virtual, logical and physical resources
  • The critical role live topology will play in a hybrid virtualized network where resources move dynamically