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Coherent Transmitter Testing Using an Optical Modulation Analyzer

François Robitaille

Director, Optical Business Unit

François Robitaille has been with EXFO since 2000. His main responsibilities include NEM market assessment, identifying potential growth areas and key product ideas as well as ensuring that products reach the market and are commercially successful. François started his career as a Project Manager for Gentec Electro-Optics and from there moved on to Bell Mobility Radio in Engineering and Sales, then to Davicom Technologies as Director of R&D. François holds a Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering from Université Laval, in Quebec City. He brings to EXFO extensive expertise in both R&D and sales.

This webinar reviews the methods and tools that can be used to quickly and accurately test 100G transmitters, like constellation diagrams, eye diagrams and error vector magnitude measurement. It also focuses on the differences between coherent transmitter analysis via optical sampling and electrical sampling. Finally, common transmitter impairments are discussed as well as a novel approach that uses masks to avoid having to interpret complex test results.

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