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Sources optiques

Les sources optiques simulent les signaux optiques de voix, de vidéo et de données d'applications de service réelles, ce qui en fait un élément essentiel d'un processus de test complet. Découvrez notre vaste gamme de solutions de test à sources optiques.

8 produits

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FLS-300 - light source

The most versatile, complete light source available with up to three singlemode wavelengths on a single port, or four wavelengths (two multimode and two singlemode) on two ports.

FLS-600 NS-1548 - encircled flux compliant light source

Tier-1/2 solutions with controlled source launch conditions for maximum accuracy and repeatability designed to remove uncertainty from multimode fiber testing.

FLS-2200 - broadband source

The FLS-2200 Broadband Source is a high-power SLED-based light source that covers all the main bands used in telecom applications.

FTB-2200 - broadband source

Compact, rugged and reliable broadband light source for use with the FTB-5500B PMD Analyzer—ideal for the field environment

FLS-600 - light source

Part of EXFO’s 600 handheld series, the FLS-600 Light Source is designed for first-class versatility—it offers laser and LED models, as well as various wavelength options.

FLS-240 Pocket Pal - visual fault locator

Straightforward solution for identifying breaks, bends, faulty connectors or splices, as well as other causes of signal loss.

FLS-140 - visual fault locator

Highly efficient pocket-size visual fault locator—the ideal complementary tool for any fiber-testing technician.

FLS-110 - optical source

Polarized source—ideal for field PMD measurements and especially suited to PMD measurements using the FTB-5500B PMD Analyzer.