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W2CM - 10 Gigabit Ethernet Interface Series

Offers high-performance, high-capacity control-plane and user-plane testing of LTE, VoIP and IMS networks.

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Caractéristiques principales

  • Emulate over two million LTE, IMS, VoIP, VoLTE subscribers
  • Real-time generation and analysis of two million sessions
  • High performance and capacity of signaling traffic across wireless and wireline protocols for realistic network testing
  • Real-time generation and analysis of 512 000 RTP/RTCP streams with simultaneous real-time path verification and QoS analysis—MOS, delay, jitter, loss—on every stream En savoir plus
  • Verification of key LTE EPC functions such as GBR, MBR, TFT processing
  • Accurate measurement of network performance such as delay, session establishment time, throughput, packet loss and jitter En savoir plus


Realistic Wireless and Wireline Converged Testing

The W2CM-10GbE is designed to meet the challenging needs of testing fixed-mobile converged networks and services like wireless (2G/3G/LTE), IMS, VoLTE and VoIP. It is specially designed for signaling and user-plane testing of network elements such as the P-GW, S-GW, eNodeB, SBC, CSCFs, BGF, HSS and IMS application servers.

It utilizes advanced CPU technology to deliver the high performance required for testing large scale networks, and it offers state-of-the-art FPGA technology for generating and analyzing, at line rate, user-plane sessions such as voice, video and data.

Unmatched Signaling and Media Capacity and Performance

With EXFO’s QualityAssurer, the W2CM-10GbE module emulates tens of millions of subscribers, generating real-world traffic toward LTE, IMS and VoIP networks. It emulates subscribers initiating voice/video calls, browsing websites, downloading files, checking e-mails, as well as streaming audio and video content. Using custom-designed FPGAs, the W2CM-10GbE module provides accurate time-based statistics, with a 10 ns time-stamp resolution, to gauge the quality of service provided to subscribers.

The hardware-based generation and analysis engine can generate and analyze tens of thousands of transactions per second, allowing small to very-large-scale network deployment testing. By emulating network elements such as the eNodeB, P-GW, S-GW, MME and CSCFs, W2CM-10GbE can wrap around any network element or network segment to test different network scenarios. It can also be used in the optimization of various deployment scenarios and architectures (e.g., roaming, fixed, collapsed and decomposed architecture), allowing network service providers (NSPs) and network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) to design optimal networks that exceed their customers’ expectations.

Purpose-Built for Testing LTE, IMS and VoIP Networks

High data rates and quality of service (QoS) are some of the key attributes of the 3GPP specifications for LTE. Dedicated bearers, guaranteed bit rates (GBRs), maximum bit rates (MBRs) and traffic flow templates (TFTs) are some of the parameters and features that LTE networks need to support in order to ensure that the highest QoS is delivered by the network.

QoS is also a major concern in IMS networks, especially when supporting VoLTE services. In the VoLTE deployment scenario, both the IMS and LTE networks must provide the highest levels of QoS to guarantee acceptable levels of end-to-end QoS.

The W2CM-10GbE is purpose-built to simulate real-world network traffic and characterize the QoS of both LTE and IMS networks under various traffic profiles. For example, the data-profiling feature enables users to specify traffic profiles consisting of the following characteristics: dedicated, default, GBR and non-GBR bearers, mix of data types (e.g., 40% video, 30% http and 30% audio) and the average number of bearers per UE.

This unique capability enables NSPs and NEMs to test their networks against real-world traffic patterns in a controlled environment.

SmartReplay Mechanism—Testing for Today’s and Tomorrow’s Services

LTE, IMS and VoIP networks will need to provide very-high-quality customer experience when delivering services such as voice, video, data, social media, presence and rich communication services (RCS).

In addition to supporting the well known services and protocols (e.g., SIP, HTTP, RTP, FTP, SMTP and RTSP), the W2CM-10GbE, with its SmartReplay technology, can generate and analyze many other applications in real time.

The SmartReplay technology uses custom-designed FPGAs to guarantee line rate and real-time generation and analysis of stateful traffic across millions of subscribers. It provides a powerful, flexible, yet very easy-to-use GUI to facilitate the creation of new services or the modification of existing services.

In addition, users of the SmartReplay technology can easily, import, modify and regenerate any user-plane traffic.

W2CM - 10 Gigabit Ethernet Interface Series

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