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proxyFlex Test Suite

The proxyFlex test suite emulates the IMS P-CSCF, I-CSCF and the S-CSCF in a stateful manner, enabling NEMs and NSPs to perform comprehensive device and end-to-end testing.

Fiche technique (PDF)

Caractéristiques principales

  • Stateful emulation of the IMS call session control functions (e.g., P-CSCF, I-CSCF and S-CSCF)
  • 10M subscribers supported
  • Thousands of registrations and calls per second
  • Test various IMS network elements such as IMS UE, S-CSCF, I-CSCF, P-SCSF, HSS and AS by surrounding the rest of the network En savoir plus
  • Test services deployed over a third-party application server with initial filter criteria (IFC) either shared or downloaded via the HSS En savoir plus
  • Test various service packs offered to the user by modifying the user’s service profile at the S-CSCF via the HSS


  • Complete test lifecycle coverage: feature, negative, load, regression, interoperability and scalability testing of IMS network elements such as CSCF, IMS and application servers En savoir plus
  • Test real-life IMS services such as basic calls, class 5 features, presence and messaging services
  • IMS registration testing including AKA and SIP digest
  • Response latency measurement under various network load conditions

proxyFlex Test Suite

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