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IMS P-CSCF Testing

This test suite offers key functions such as proxying SIP messages from the subscriber to the IMS network, establishing IPSec tunnels between the subscriber equipment and IMS network and the protection of the IMS core against SIP message floods.

Fiche technique (PDF)

Caractéristiques principales

  • 2 560 000 emulated endpoints supporting protocol compliant registration refresh using IMS AKA and or HTTP digest
  • 4250 calls per second
  • 9500 registrations per second with authentication
  • 320 000 IPSec tunnels
  • Response latency characterization for registration and call setup
  • SIP message definition (valid, invalid and proprietary) using a GUI or text-based editor


  • Complete test lifecycle coverage: feature, negative, load, regression, interoperability and scalability testing
  • Security testing capabilities using IPSEC tunnels between the UE and P-CSCF
  • Response latency measurement under various network load conditions
  • Impact measurement of message flood such as registration and DoS flood on the response latency


Since the P-CSCF acts as a conduit for the user interactions with the IMS core, the ability of the IMS core to provide IMS services such as Presence, Voice Calls, IP Centrex service and Conference services can be negatively impacted by the P-CSCF.

The P-CSCF solution focuses on testing these key functions to ensure the IMS network reliability. It emulates the IMS subscribers supporting IMS AKA and IPSEC, and the rest of the IMS core network, which includes the I/S-CSCF and HSS on a single test platform.

IMS P-CSCF Testing

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