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Customer 360 platform

See further with a 360° view of your network—Achieve a holistic, customer-centric view of end-to-end, multilayer and multidomain topologies.

A single view

Gather data from multiple OSS, BSS and network data sources to create a single view of the network. Configure runtime model and reconciled topology across multiple domains, vendors and technologies and visualizations of service- and customer-centric topology. The platform models complex entities unified from numerous individual data sources. For increased visibility, scale via the distribution of model fragments across cooperating runtimes.

Accessible insights

The unified data model can be used as a source for web reports, including tabular reports, charts and graphs. Configure interactive reports during the all-important delivery phase of a project. The platform can also deliver scheduled reports configured to run at specific times and generate either files or database tables.

Discrepancies revealed

Because the customer 360 platform builds a unified linked model out of numerous data sources, it is possible to find data discrepancies to drive and support data quality initiatives. It can be configured to automatically correct data in the source systems.

Key features

  • Performance data can be linked to topology on demand
  • KPIs extracted from the performance management source can be mapped to individual nodes, circuits and paths to support low-level performance analysis
  • Enables the modelling of complex entities unified from numerous individual data sources
  • Scales via the distribution model fragments across co-operating runtimes
  • All historical performance data can be fetched easily and on demand
  • EXFO Ontology queries can be scheduled as reports in HTML, CSV, Excel and Visio formats

Customer 360 platform

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