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Analyse de données 3D en temps réel

L’analyse en temps réel d’EXFO est conçue pour divers secteurs de votre organisation, par exemple le centre d’opérations de réseau, le centre de services, l’ingénierie réseau, l’optimisation du RAN, le service à la clientèle et le marketing.

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Analyse de données 3D en temps réel
Analyse de données 3D en temps réel

8 produits

Nova Analytics - network & customer intelligence solutions

A multidimensional business intelligence application, Nova Analytics empowers you to make informed and effective decisions.

Dashboard Creator - Agile data analytics & ad hoc reporting, Nova analytics

With Dashboard Creator, Nova Analytics provides you with the capability to perform agile datamining autonomously on top of all the data stored in the data lake to create your specific and one-off dashboards.

Service quality management - Nova Analytics

Empowers service operation centers (SOC) with a service quality management (SQM) application to help manage service quality proactively.

Customer value management & new business - Nova analytics

Get an unparalleled understanding of customer behavior, follow QoE for key customers, detect potential churners, monitor and assess corporate service level agreements (SLAs).

Network performance and optimization - Nova analytics

Advanced network performance management and KPI trend analysis.

Nova Care - complaint management system

Designed for customer service and technical support departments, Nova Care provides on-demand subscriber-experience assessments for fast customer complaint analysis & diagnosis.

Nova Geo - geolocated RF and RAN optimization tool

Multitechnology & multivendor radio optimization tool measuring RF coverage & quality of the network. Facilitates daily radio optimization tasks by automating recurrent analysis and drastically reduces the number of drive tests.

EXFO Xtract - real-time, end-to-end analytics

EXFO Xtract provides a real-time, end-to-end view of service experience from network, service and subscriber perspectives. It collects, enriches, correlates, analyzes and visualizes massive volumes of data in real-time, providing insight into end-to-end service experience from any perspective.