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As part of a complete end-to-end system, the BV-2000V monitors IPTV, cable, broadcast and satellite television delivery networks—from the headend to the home.

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Caractéristiques principales

  • Ideal for cable, IPTV, satellite and broadcast systems
  • Applicable from headend to in-network locations
  • Analysis and alarming on IP and MPEG video performance
  • Concurrent analysis of up to 260 IP streams and ASI
  • Transport stream (TS) monitoring into IP according to ETSI TS 102 034
  • ETR 290 video quality monitoring (optional)


Complete IP and video service assurance monitoring for television delivery

The BV-2000V is the flagship device for monitoring IPTV, cable, broadcast and satellite television delivery networks. It is part of a complete end-to-end system capable of monitoring quality from satellite input to the headend all the way through to the home.

The ability to continuously monitor 260 services makes the BV-2000V card just as powerful as its portable version, the BV-2000V-P. Despite its small form factor, three BV-2000V cards can be housed in a one-inch rackmount unit, offering up to 780 channels.

With full support for the MPEG2 TS standards carrying all modern codecs, the BV-2000V is perfect for headend and network core use. Thanks to the BV-2000V, fault-finding in complex television delivery networks just got a lot easier.

Critical parameters, such as detailed jitter values, give accurate readings of network performance. With the patented MediaWindow™, historical data can be easily accessed for a comprehensive visualization of media flow in IP networks. Whether you wish to establish or modify service settings on complex routers and switches, the BV-2000V will facilitate the entire process.

The power of confidence monitoring is further enhanced by the continuous monitoring and alarming of bandwidth overflow/underflow, real-time protocol (RTP) errors and signal loss. With advanced threshold settings that include error-seconds, alarm granularity can be set to useful standards, thus avoiding the flooding of alarm systems. The unique FSM™ framework allows the checking and continuous monitoring of middleware and network services vital to customer quality of experience (QoE).

The EXFO Vision Live Monitoring system, which is part of EXFO’s EXFO Worx multiplay service assurance system, offers SNMP trapping and advanced alarm correlation and filtering for BV-2000V and all other video verifiers. EXFO Worx also offers open Northbound API with published MIB, allowing smooth integration with different operational support systems (OSS). EXFO Vision also provides access to verifiers to be able to configure and set threshold of the BV-2000V.

Management interface of the BV-2000V is a 10/100 Ethernet port (RJ-45). Basic setup is also achieved through the built-in USB to RS232 converter, eliminating the need for an external interface. This makes it easier to set IP addresses for access to the IP probe.


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