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BV-1 Verifier

Compact verifier specifically designed for large-scale deployments, providing visibility into residential and customer premise equipment (CPE) quality-of-experience (QoE) performance assurance.

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Caractéristiques principales

  • Fully integrated into EXFO Worx system for analysis and management
  • Triple-play QoE testing with VoIP, video and Internet assurance tests
  • End-to-end and single-ended tests
  • Zero-touch auto-provisioning
  • IPv4/IPv6 capabilities


The BV-1 is a cost-effective hardware probe designed to provide operators with triple-play quality-of-experience (QoE) performance testing in a small, portable and easily deployed package. This hardware probe is the latest entry in EXFO’s line of Verifiers, and fully integrates into EXFO’s active monitoring solution.

Typical applications for the BV-1 include:

Residential monitoring

Due to increased spending on triple-play services, operators are faced with the challenge of delivering high-quality services to subscribers within a context of stiff competition. The BV-1 is a critical tool in the offering, providing a full suite of triple-play QoE capabilities, while accounting for the residential/large-scale requirement of significantly reduced costs and zero-touch operation. As per other verifiers, the BV-1 can be used as a 24/7 monitoring probe or for on-demand live troubleshooting of issues. Thanks to a combination of innovative self-provisioning capabilities and simple hardware, subscribers can now take part in the troubleshooting process by simply connecting the BV-1; no complicated procedures or additional steps are required.

Business/VIP service monitoring

Business customers’ stringent requirements are often a challenge for operators, because the return-on-investment equation limits their ability to use complex monitoring equipment. However, the satisfaction of these customers,and ultimately the benefits to the operator, are closely linked to the quality of the service delivered. The BV-1 provides a cost-effective solution that enables operators to ensure high-quality service delivery to this critical market. The small design coupled with a combined management/test port is ideal for easy and non intrusive insertion in any location. Quality-oriented metrics such as web performance, access performance and VoIP quality allow operators to continuously assure the delivery of high-quality services.

BV-1 Verifier

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