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Deploy 5G faster, smarter. And get the job done right the first time with simplified test processes and easy-to-use tools

20 février 2023 - 23 février 2023

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20 février 2023 - 23 février 2023
20 février 2023 - 23 février 2023

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Everyday EXFO’s test solutions help contractors and operators worldwide install, activate and maintain communication networks. Learn how our simplified test processes and easy-to-use tools can help your teams get the job done right the first time.

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Educational session: 5G installation and turn-up testing

Session title: 5G installation and turn-up testing fundamentals
Day: Tuesday February 21
Time: 4:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Location: Exhibit Hall Educational Session, (Gatlin/C/D/E tower stage)

In this session, EXFO’s Danny Sleiman will demonstrate how simplified test and report processes as well as easy-to-use tools will help you successfully install and turn-up 5G cell sites right the first time. Key topics include fiber hygiene, CPRI/eCPRI link validation, and managing acceptance criteria and close-out packages.


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Discover the EXFO Certified Contractor Program

For over 37 years, EXFO’s been developing award-winning test, monitoring and analytics solutions for network operators worldwide. Many operators are requiring that EXFO equipment be used to perform testing and report generation. We’ve designed the EXFO Certified Contractor Program to train contractors on how to use EXFO solutions to the max—enabling faster more confident network transformations!

Visit us at NATE UNITE to learn more about becoming an EXFO Certified Contractor!


Application: fiber hygiene

Fiber inspection and proper fiber cleaning as well as fiber-link valdiation—based on best practices and pre-defined thresholds—are critical steps to guaranteeing 5G network performance. Unlike 4G LTE, where fiber link issues were tolerated and didn’t significantly impact the network, 5G services are unforgiving when it comes to network reliability. When faulty fibers are detected, it’s critical to fix the problem to get service up and running fast.

How EXFO helps:
FIP-500: inspect both single-fiber and multi-fiber connectors rapidly and reliably
Optical Explorer: verify fiber optic link health and troubleshoot potential issues in seconds
OTDRs with iOLM: automation and intelligence speeds up the location of a fiber cut, faulty connector or bad splice.


Application: radio link validation

A CPRI/eCPRI test is the best way to validate that radios are installed correctly across a 5G network. Link validation can be performed from the BBU/DU spanning across kilometers of optical fiber, all the way to the top of a radio tower. As well, intelligent, automated test solutions that provide a complete analysis of the RF spectrum over fiber deliver easy-to-understand results, helping operators and contractors quickly validate that network KPIs are not impacted by RF interference.

How EXFO helps:
FTB 5GPro: radio link validation using CPRI/eCPRI BERT
iORF: intelligent RF over CPRI application features a one-button, fully automated testing approach that provides complete analysis of the RF spectrum with an easy-to-understand, pass-or-fail verdict.


Application: intelligent PIM detection and analysis

RF frequencies are multiplying as operators deploy new 5G bands alongside existing 4G LTE bands. New bands and more frequencies result in an increase in passive interference modulation (PIM), a form of RF interference—a huge issue for network performance. Once detected, operators must determine if PIM is internal or external to a site, as each scenario requires a different strategy to locate the source of PIM. When PIM is internal, a costly tower climb may be needed so it’s critical to accurately identify internal vs external PIM.

How EXFO helps:
iORF: intelligent RF over CPRI application provides automatic detection of internal or external PIM using RF analysis over CPRI—no configuration required. Includes patented auto-detection of vendor-radio mapping.


Application: RF interference hunting

If external PIM or external RF interference is detected, the next step is to locate its source. But since frequency bands are crowded with RF devices, and they’re getting more crowded by the day, that task is easier said than done. One of hundreds of devices could be the culprit, so cell-site technicians need reliable, specialized tools like real-time spectrum analyzers (RTSA) to help find sources of interference quickly and easily.

How EXFO helps:
5GPro Spectrum Analyzer: RF interference hunting with audible tone for safe and effective PIM and interference detection. Also includes RF interference hunting in Time Division Duplex (TDD) networks. 


Discover the all-in-one, modular FTB 5GPro test kit

Deploy 5G right the first time! The FTB 5GPro test kit features a suite of 4G/5G test capabilities in a single, compact and easy-to-use solution designed specifically for field techs. Experience smarter testing to accelerate network installation, activation and maintenance. Explore the FTB 5GPro test kit, including:

  • Fiber inspection and characterization
  • RF spectrum analysis over CPRI
  • RF spectrum analysis over-the-air (OTA)
  • Timing and synchronization
  • Multi-protocol and Ethernet testing (up to 100G)
  • Transceiver validation

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