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Testing copper and DSL with AXS-200/635

This course covers the basics of copper and DSL technologies and test applications using EXFO’s AXS-200/635 Triple-Play Test Set. This training session covers both theory and practice.

1 day Live online On-site
Todos los cursos Testing copper and DSL with AXS-200/635
Todos los cursos Testing copper and DSL with AXS-200/635


Part 1

Introduction to DSL technology

  • DSL technologies
  • DMT line coding
  • ADSL2+ technology primer
  • VDSL2 technology primer
Part 2

Introduction to copper testing

  • Electrical health metrics
  • Noise (crosstalk and impulse noise)
  • Fault location solutions
Part 3

Introduction to the AXS-200/635

  • AXS-200 Series overview
  • AXS-200/635 product introduction (physical attributes)
  • Key measurement overview
Part 4

Testing copper with AXS-200/635

  • Cable parameters
  • Auto test
  • Digital multimeter
  • Fault location
  • Noise testing/mitigation
Part 5

Testing DSL with AXS-200/635

  • Auto-test
  • CPE testing
  • Login/ping testing
Part 6

Testing IPTV with AXS-200/635

  • IPTV metrics overview
  • IPTV testing
Part 7

Product demonstration*

Hands-on session for running copper, DSL and IPTV tests

* Product demonstration: lab/field access to perform hands-on testing is highly recommended.


  • Basic knowledge of math and physics
  • Basic knowledge of telecommunications
  • Basic knowledge of networking and internet services


Parts 1 through 6 consist of lectures using PowerPoint presentations and demonstrations, while part 7 of the course allows for practical training with hands-on testing exercises.

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