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FTTH PON testing

This course provides a complete training of FTTH passive optical networks (PON) and explains how to test a network at every step of its lifecycle. Using the complete FTTH testing products, all test phases will be covered: construction, activation and troubleshooting.

3 days
Live online


EXFO equipment required


  • OLS and OPM
  • OLTS
  • OTDR
  • FIP


  • PPM
  • OLS and OPM
  • Live OTDR
  • FIP


  • PPM
  • Live OTDR
  • IP Triple-Play Test Set
  • FIP
This course covers
  • Fiber optics basics
  • Major FTTH topologies
  • Standards
  • Passive equipment
  • Active equipment
  • Handling and care
  • Connector endface cleaning and inspection (all connector points)
  • Loss budget
  • Optical return loss
  • Loss and ORL testing with automated test set
  • OTDR theory
  • OTDR testing techniques
  • OTDR limitations
  • Reflectance and loss values
  • Data analysis, IPTV set-top box emulation, VoIP analysis
  • Service activation scenarios
  • Service activation testing
  • Hands-on session


Basic comprehension of physics and mathematics
Fiber optics basics and loss testing


The first part of this course consists of lectures and PowerPoint presentations, while the second part consists of specific hands-on testing exercises and experiments on critical parameters such as:


  • Bad connections
  • Macrobends
  • Bad splices


  • Bad connections at the drop terminal
  • Bad drop cables
  • Faulty ONT


  • Macrobends
  • Fiber breaks
  • Faulty splitter branches

In-field practice is also possible if the appropriate on-site resources are available.


For the second part of this course, all equipment reviewed during this course — loss tests sets, FIP, OTDR and IP triple-play test set — must be made available at the trainee’s location. Rental arrangements can be made with EXFO if equipment is not available.


Attendees will receive a binder containing copies of presentations and other handouts. An electronic version is also available if required.