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Reveal the invisible

To reveal the invisible impairments that cause most subscriber churn, operators need a new way to troubleshoot and resolve issues. Fast, automated root cause analysis to detect, predict and diagnose degradations is the way forward. It’s crucial for 5G success, especially in the enterprise market.

Customer-first visibility is missing

To detect and diagnose the real causes of churn, a new kind of user experience visibility is required.


98% of customer impacting events are degradations and not outages. Customers consider most degradations to be outages, since they can’t get things done.


Reporting intervals are too long; impairments often disappear before the network operations center (NOC) is notified.


For every 100 trouble tickets in a NOC, 38 are customer-reported. But since only half a percent (0.5%) of customers call to report a problem in the first place, 7,600 additional issues go undetected.

Root cause

Seemingly unrelated events often share a root cause.

Nova SensAI: a new, efficient level of performance visibility

Identify service performance issues up to 90% faster.

Cut mean time to repair in half

Accelerate manual processes

Reduce churn, improve Net Promotor Score

Learn about AI for operations

Nova SensAI overview

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