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Finding a needle in a haystack

Having abundant KPIs is a good thing, but how do you make sense of them?

The good news is you’re generating KPIs for every service in your network—100% service visibility. The bad news is you’re now being swamped with KPIs—200,000 services generating 5 real-time KPIs per second means you’re generating 1.44 billion KPIs per day! With this volume of data, detecting major service issues could be challenging for a human. But what about trying to find services that are just starting to trend towards problems or looking at trends in utilization that could trigger network expansion?

This is where big-data analytics shines. Making sense of a sea of data means looking for subtle changes in KPIs that may otherwise go undetected. And being able to correlate changes in KPIs across many, possibly unrelated, services can lead to network insights that would have otherwise been hidden. Proactively detecting and managing changes in both network and services is the key to data-driven operations.

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