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Proactive customer experience management

Finding and fixing issues before the customer even notices

Automation, a fundamental enabler of the virtualized network, will also open the door to greater control of customer QoE, through proactive customer service management. By utilizing orchestrated service assurance for both active and passive probing of every service, the carrier can get a real-time view of how each service is performing along with a robust profile of the customer usage patterns.

By tracking service performance, the service provider can see negative trends happen and take corrective action—perhaps even before the customer notices. Services outages and calls to customer support could become a thing of the past!

By leveraging passive probing, the service provider can build an extensive view of the customer and their usage patterns, allowing them to readily customize service offerings to cater to each customer.

The right services, operating beyond five 9s availability—now that’s proactive customer care!

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