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Managing large-scale fiber construction projects

Getting the job done right the first time, on time and on budget

Large-scale fiber installation projects, regardless of whether they’re data center builds or outside plant builds, are often plagued by issues like quality and deadlines for completion. And while some of these issues are unavoidable, many of them can be traced back to process. For projects involving thousands of fibers, manual fiber testing can become a very tedious and error-prone activity, and auditing test results is often done on a representative sample basis.

Manual fiber testing leads to errors or inconsistency in test setup and execution, which in turn leads to questionable results. Additionally, results are often captured, audited and approved more slowly. Issues with training or failure to follow standard methods can go undetected for the duration of the project, causing significant delay and impacting budgets.

The key to improving this activity is to have automated real-time testing that covers setup, execution, recording and auditing of results. This is the only way to track progress in real time, have 100% coverage of auditing test results and identify training or procedural issues before they impact the project.

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