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An engine for competitive differentiation

More than just a new network—a platform for service and application innovation

5G promises to dramatically change the cost structure of networks by leveraging the latest technology for virtualized networks. SDN/NFV leverages commercial servers to lower capital costs and move specialized functionality into software, making the core highly scalable and agile. Network slicing will lower operating costs simplifying service management and automation will drive operational efficiencies, making the overall cost to deliver and manage services lower than ever before.

At the same time, having a cost effective, operationally simplified, highly scalable network opens the door to a new model for service innovation. DevOps is essentially the process of building services in the live network with a lead customer concurrently validating functional fit. And since services are built using software virtualized network functions (VNFs) chained together, new functionality can be added by simply installing a new VNF.

This 5G enabled innovation platform will allow new services to be launched in days rather than months. Having full visibility into the performance of networks and services during a launch will be key to ensuring that existing services will not be impacted by the addition of one.

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