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New revenue opportunities

Flexible, agile infrastructure will enable revolutionary service innovation.

As competition in the communications markets become more intense and customers, both business and individuals, demand ever more intelligent and valuable services to help simplify their daily routines, communications service providers (CSPs) of all types are looking for new ways to expand their markets and broaden their service portfolios. IoT does just that by providing a platform to launch innovative new services. Everything from smart factories (Industry 4.0) and smart wearables (clothes, fitness trackers) to smart transportation (connected vehicles, intelligent traffic lights) and smart meters (gas, electricity, water) fall within the scope of the CSP.

Carriers that embrace the IoT era will not only benefit from the additional revenue opportunities, but they will also gain a significant competitive advantage through leadership in this new communications reality.

IoT will be the enabler for sustainable competitive advantage and revenue growth.

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