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VoIP/IMS Network Deployments: Challenges and Best Practices

  • noviembre 25, 2011

Uvaiz Ahmed

Product Manager, Access Business Unit, EXFO


This webinar explores some of the common challenges faced in deploying IMS and VoIP networks and discusses the best practices that network service providers should adopt prior to the deployment of VoIP and IMS networks. 

More specifically, get all the valuable facts on:

  • How to select the best network equipment that will meet current and anticipated network load and subscriber capacity
  • How to ensure the quality of customer experience prior to deploying an IMS/VoIP network
  • Some of the key security threats to VoIP/IMS networks and best practices to mitigate them in a deployed network
  • How to uncover faults before going live so as to avoid costly post deployment network outages.

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