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Three UK and EXFO talk about the journey to achieving visibility into virtualized networks

  • octubre 25, 2018

Thierry Jacq

Product Marketing - Monitoring and Troubleshooting at EXFO

This webinar examines how Three UK is successfully working towards achieving its initiatives with EXFO’s expertise in testing, monitoring and analytics to develop a fully virtualized service assurance solution that delivers true visibility into the virtualized world.

When Three UK decided to virtualize its entire core network, they knew it also meant changing the way customer services were assured. In a highly competitive market, being able to reduce customer churn and attract new customers is both challenging and crucial. Add in the shift to cloud and virtual networking, and you find yourself entering unchartered territory. As a European carrier looking to fully virtualize its network, Three UK broke new ground and crafted innovative solutions on the fly.

Participating companies


Prasath Jagathrakshakalu
OSS Technical Design Authority, Hutchison Three UK