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Implementing SBCs in the Enterprise: Understanding Market and Service Drivers (Hosted by Light Reading)

  • noviembre 21, 2012

Kader Khan

Director, Simulators Business Unit

Kader Khan, Director of Simulators Business Unit. at EXFO is responsible for the holistic business management of the EXFO Quality Assurer physical and virtual Simulation and Load Testing products, from identifying market trends to defining and launching products to test SBC, IMS, 4G, 5G, VoLTE, IoT and WebRTC.

Prior to this, he held various leadership positions in product management, business development, business management, R&D management and site management.

Kader has over 19 years of experience in the information communication sector, specializing in wireless technology. He has a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in computer science and has completed various technical and management certification courses.

In this webinar, we examine how E-SBCs are poised to adopt new design modes, capabilities and business models. Topics to be addressed include the impact of SBC software virtualization, ease of implementation, policy-based feature enhancements, and session management to support Unified Communications. In addition, a number of key deployment decision points such as the optimal E-SBC sales model (e.g. resell, hosted or managed E-SBC) and high-value monetization use cases will also be discussed.

The webinar also addresses the significance of high-capacity and high-performance testing to validate the scalability, resiliency and performance of E-SBCs. The focus will be on advanced features such as security, interworking, policy and their impact on quality of service. 

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