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Green Lights for FTTA / 5G and easy testing with EXFO OX1 & FIP-500

Hosted by

Alfonso Domesi

EMEA Business Development Manager

Alfonso Domesi started his career in the telecommunications market in 1991 as a hardware and software development engineer. Over the years, he has tracked the evolution of transmission technologies, from the voice frequency analog modem to the current and optical fibers interfaces. He currently holds the position of EMEA Business Development Manager, with a dedicated focus on assessing new markets and technologies for EXFO’s Physical Layer product portfolio.

Get more cable know-how from the specialists! EXFO & R&M will share its long-standing experiences and start a new series of webinars covering several cabling-related topics as FO Connectivity and testing FO connections. This webinar is to advise you on how to face new challenges, for example as a consequence of network convergence and new technologies and applications, from 5G to FTTA. R&M can offer a great deal of experience and expertise based on our practical experience and R&D capabilities to help clear up any confusion. We're more than happy to share this know-how, as this benefits customers and prospects, as well as the network and cabling industry as a whole.

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