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Ethernet Basics: SLA testing using RFC-2544 and EtherSAM Y.1564

Kevin Peres

Applications Engineer, Advanced Technologies and Solutions

Kevin Peres has over 20 years of experience in the telecom industry. He started working for EXFO nine years ago as an Applications Engineer and information expert on the following subjects: fiber optics, Ethernet and SONET testing. Kevin spent several years perfecting his business and marketing skills in Territory Sales at EXFO, before returning to his technical position as Senior Applications Engineer. 

Join speaker Kevin Peres as he walks you through the theory around Ethernet technology as well as best practices for turning-up, installing and troubleshooting today’s Ethernet-based services. The testing portion will explore RFC-2544 versus EtherSAM Y.1564 methodologies for Ethernet SLA validation, traffic generation and monitoring for troubleshooting as well as smart loop and third-party testing.

Key takeaways:

  • Ethernet 101
  • Explanation of the OSI layers 1-4
  • Y.1564 setup and configuration
  • Overview of iSAM

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