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TKS-610-88100G-400G - 400G Test Solution

High-speed test solution designed to meet the requirements of both the NEMs designing 400 Gbit/s optical transport equipment and the carriers analyzing it in their labs.

Características principales

  • Housed in the IQS-600 platform (IQS-610P-HS model)
  • Qualifies 400G implementations and validates key performance indicators with complete live traffic simulations
  • Shaping and analysis
  • Traffic filtering and capture for troubleshooting
  • Complete automation testing including SCPI
  • Complemented by the web-based global platform viewer (GPV) offering a centralized view and remote control of all four IQS-88100G Más información


Feeding Network Capacity and Bandwidth

To meet carriers’ growing need for speed, system manufacturers are focusing their efforts on the development of 400 Gigabit Ethernet standard. In this highly competitive market, network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) are in turn striving to deliver high‑speed transmission solutions that meet carriers’ need for speed and optical reach while improving compensation for optical impairments. Within this context, 400G Ethernet is a vital stepping stone to achieving the ultimate 1 Tbit/s objective.

CFP2—The Second-Generation High-Speed Transceivers

NEMs have shifted their 100G development to leverage second-generation high-speed CFP2 transceivers, which are 50% smaller in form factor, and consume 50% less power in comparison to their first-generation counterparts (CFPs). They also enable higher port density on the high-speed transmission, switching and routing systems required for 100G mass deployments.

EXFO’s IQS-88100G Power Blazer modules are able to provide 100G testing capabilities for CFP2 transceivers without the need for additional high-speed modules. The CFP-to-CFP2 adapter supports the industry’s different 100G transceivers implementations, including 4x25G and 10x10G. Customers can therefore use both CFP and CFP2 transceivers to obtain full access to 100G testing capabilities on their lab unit at a fraction of the cost of upgrading their full fleet of test units to dedicated CFP2-based modules. This unique market offering ensures maximum ROI and eliminates the need for multiple test modules.

Blazing the Path Beyond 100G 

EXFO’s new high-speed test solution is designed to meet the requirements of both the NEMs designing 400 Gbit/s optical transport equipment and the carriers analyzing it in their labs. The TKS-610-88100G-400G is based on a centralized, global interface, supporting four IQS‑88100G Power Blazer modules in the IQS-610P platform, each configured to 100GE and running simultaneously to generate and monitor 400 Gbit/s traffic with full traffic profiling, shaping, analysis and monitoring capabilities.

Competitively priced, this 400 Gbit/s testing solution gives NEMs and the early adopters of 400G technology the flexibility that they need to do the following:

  • Simulate real‑life services at 400 Gbit/s link capacity
  • Simultaneously monitor the key quality‑of‑service (QoS) metrics needed to validate systems manufacturers’ implementations 

In addition, the TKS‑610-88100G-400G offers:

  • Centralized test configurations and result views
  • Powerful automation capabilities
    • Enable NEMs to repeat test routines throughout the development cycle
    • Offer significant time savings (from days to hours) and enhanced quality

TKS-610-88100G-400G - 400G Test Solution

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