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BV-41XX Verifier

The EXFO Verifier 41XX Series provides real-time monitoring of live customer VoIP, IMS rich-media and video-calling traffic with full visibility across transport, signaling and media performance layers.

Hoja de especificaciones (PDF)

Características principales

  • Enables real-time data collection and monitoring of live VoIP, IMS and IP video traffic
  • Provides network operators detailed service visibility to ensure quality from the network core to the customer
  • Utilizes standards-based call and video quality measurement capabilities
  • Measures both signaling protocols and bearer traffic quality
  • Real-time monitoring and troubleshooting of live VoIP, IMS rich-media and video-calling traffic
  • Carrier-class, NEBS-certified design; fully remote lights-out management


Real-time monitoring of service provider networks

The BV-41XX Series are the mainstream processing engines in EXFO’s passive (i.e., live traffic) monitoring equipment family. They offer 1 Gigabit Ethernet (1GE) connectivity, high-capacity signaling processing and hardware-accelerated RTP media stream tracking. Also included are carrier-grade availability enhancements, such as redundant power supplies and integrated hot-swap disk modules.

The BV-41xx 1GE series complements and is fully compatible with the BV-42xx 10GE Series of passive Verifiers (see separate datasheet).

Like all EXFO passive Verifiers, the BV-41xx Series delivers real-time monitoring of live customer voice-over-Internet protocol (VoIP), IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) and IP video traffic—enabling full visibility across transport, signaling and media performance layers.

BV-41xx/42xx Verifiers are key components of EXFO’s integrated service assurance product family, which includes the EXFO Worx correlation and analysis software engine, as well as EXFO Call VoIP/IMS performance analysis software, and the EXFO View advanced KPI reporting and business intelligence engine.

The combined system closes the visibility gap between expected network performance and actual customer experience by efficiently monitoring, assessing and reporting the quality of voice and video traffic throughout operational VoIP and IP-video networks.

With EXFO Call, providers can accelerate VoIP, IMS rich-media and video-calling deployments with confidence, troubleshoot live network events, and ensure greater profitability from IP-based voice and video services. By combining the BV-41xx/42xx series with EXFO Call, network operators will obtain detailed service visibility and live call analysis, allowing them to ensure quality of service (QoS) across the core network and quality of experience (QoE) to customers. EXFO Call provides real-time signaling ladder diagrams of the entire network with media visibility, including the ability to capture troubled calls for detailed off-line analysis.

Independent, scalable monitoring

Today’s networks are characterized by multipoint access to multiple services. The BV-41XX series provides the measurement layer, creates service demarcation points for analyzing revenue-sensitive services, and enables end-to-end service visibility across the network. Each EXFO Verifier independently monitors the bearer and/or signaling channels of the service for central correlation and analysis by EXFO Worx.

The result is a system that provides unprecedented visibility into the customer’s QoE. Each call is correlated to a single rich-media voice and video call quality record (CQR) on a per-channel and per-location basis. Whether deployed in a network where traffic is beginning to build up or in a high-capacity scenario, the EXFO Worx scales with the provider’s needs through a highly distributed, multiple-tier architecture.

BV-41XX Verifier

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