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Gestión de la topografía de red

Mediante el uso de información gráfica y modelado semántico, las poderosas soluciones EXFO de gestión de topología de red aportan una visión dinámica e integral de la red y de los servicios, lo que le ayuda a gestionar fácilmente topologías de red multicapa complejas y de dominio cruzado.

Gestión de la topografía de red
Gestión de la topografía de red

6 productos

EXFO Ontology - automated common cause analysis module

The first product to automatically detect the potential causes of multiple KPI violations and then trigger a topology-driven common cause analysis that dramatically speeds up troubleshooting

Change impact analysis and planning

Avoid potential outages and service degradations while reducing both the cost and length of disruptions.

Common cause analysis

Go automated – Automate fault troubleshooting to find the set of "common cause" entities associated with a set of network elements affected by service degradations.

Service impact analysis

Rank repairs according to business priorities, improve customer satisfaction and reduce SLA costs.

Customer 360 platform

See further with a 360° view of your network—Achieve a holistic, customer-centric view of end-to-end, multilayer and multidomain topologies.

EXFO Ontology - real-time active topology

EXFO Ontology finds, combines and transforms information relating to business entities from multiple data sources into a searchable semantic model.