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Nova Fiber

Remote fiber test system — Smart OTDR-based RFTS solution for monitoring fiber links (including P2P and PON) from buildout to maintenance.

Nova Fiber
Nova Fiber

Nova Fiber monitoring

Nova Fiber provides end-to-end link testing, diagnostic and proactive monitoring for any type of fiber network, including passive optical networks (PON). Its smart OTDR-based technology and automation, combined our with mobile application, empowers FTTx or fiber technicians to easily and efficiently trigger remote tests.

Complete visibility, at all stages

Whether you’re building, activating, troubleshooting or monitoring, you can quickly pinpoint fault locations to reduce mean-time-to-repair​. Automation and targeted test and monitoring help identify issues before customers even notice​.

Driving effective action

Armed with this visibility, technicians can immediately start fixing issues without having to diagnose in the field, saving time and money. OPEX is reduced through automated root cause analysis and minimized truck rolls.

Unique capabilities

Nova Fiber transforms traditional fiber deployment and how active monitoring of the fiber infrastructure is carried out.


In addition to GIS mapping and powerful analytics, EXFO’s cloud-native FMS offers automated test configuration, execution and results, as well as open APIs.


iOLM technology provides expert-level diagnosis: single test baselining and on-demand testing for fault analysis, deviations, icon display, and golden trace.


Triggered OTDR functions and preconfigured parameters eliminate complexity. Mobile app offers easy navigation, fast tests, pass-fail analysis and fiber ID.


Our trusted OTDR expertise means high-res results, reliability, precise fault location, event mapping, and detection of incomplete test results within 10s.

Discover Nova Fiber

Nova Fiber's fiber management system controls, monitors and manages the remote test units distributed across the network. It’s a cloud-native, leading-edge EMS platform.

Built on an open architecture, with open APIs, Nova Fiber provides easy integration into your NOC/SOC workflows.

Nova Fiber helps operators deploy, audit, activate and troubleshoot fiber optic remotely and spanning the network lifecycle for a variety of applications:

  • PON
  • 5G FTTx
  • Fiber deep (MSO/cable operators)
  • Centralized managed P2P
  • Dark and lit fibers (i.e., data center interconnect)

Discover our most recent addition to the Nova Fiber family ─ the OTH-7000. Specially designed for the CO, this compact remote test unit for P2P links is ideal for assuring data center interconnectivity, 5G and fronthaul monitoring, etc.

Next steps

Learn more about fiber monitoring and the components of Nova Fiber.

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