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IQS-2150 - optical light source

The IQS-2150 optical light source features a diverse selection of single- or dual-wavelength, singlemode and multimode light-emitting diodes (LEDS) and distributed-feedback (DFB) lasers, perfect for IL and ORL testing, as well as FTTx component verification.

Hoja de especificaciones (PDF) Manual del usuario (PDF)

Características principales

  • Single- or dual-wavelength LED or IL/ORL optimized DFB laser
  • Combines two lasers on a single output power
  • Variable output power over a 6 dB range


  • Insertion loss measurements
  • Return loss measurements
  • Spectral attenuation measurements in fibers
  • FTTx component characterization
  • Splicing test stations
  • Stability measurements


High-performance optical light sources

Advanced testing environments require a high-performance, stable light source capable of guaranteeing accurate and reliable test results. Designed for optimal stability, the modular IQS-2150 offers this and more. Steady drive circuitry maximizes optical output power and maintains excellent stability, while precision optical components ensure truly efficient low-loss and narrow-beam output coupling.

To simulate power losses with precision, the IQS-2150 Optical Light Source features variable output power over a 6 dB range. This output power can be fine-tuned in precise increments of 0.1 dB, and both the LED and laser versions come in various wavelengths to support all singlemode and multimode applications.


The IQS-2150 is designed to test passive optical networks (PONs) at 1310 nm/1490 nm and 1550 nm, the three wavelengths recommended by ITU-T G.9833 for PONs.

IQS-2150 - optical light source

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