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OSICS TLS-AG - WDM tunable lasers

WDM tunable lasers with high output power and low linewidth ideal for WDM transmission testing.

Hoja de especificaciones (PDF) Manual del usuario (PDF)

Características principales

  • Laser on and off in one click
  • Selection of preconfigured channel or any wavelength in the covered wavelength range
  • High power: +14 dBm, with +16dBm as an option
  • Ideal for optical amplifier testing or WDM testbeds
  • Low linewidth: < 100 kHz
  • Polarization maintaining output for use with external modulator


High power. Low linewidth.

Thanks to its external cavity design, the OSICS TLS-AG delivers superior output power and low linewidth.

Excellent tunability

EXFO’s tunable laser source can be tuned to any optical wavelength across its range with excellent accuracy.

Top transmission testing

With more than +14 dBm output power and superior wavelength stability, this laser is ideal for optical amplifier testing or WDM testbeds.

OSICS TLS-AG - WDM tunable lasers

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