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IQS-3150 - Atenuador variable

Ideal para pruebas de BER y verificación de sistemas en entornos exigentes de producción las 24 horas, los 365 días del año

Hoja de especificaciones (PDF) Manual del usuario (PDF)

Características principales

  • Excelente uniformidad espectral
  • Ideal para pruebas de BER y caracterización de EDFA
  • Controles integrados de monitoreo de potencia (tanto en los modelos monomodo como multimodo), lo que facilita el ajuste de la potencia y mejora la estabilidad Más información
  • Diseñado para entornos de producción las 24 horas, los 365 días del años, con mínimo mantenimiento
  • Tiempo de estabilización rápido, lo que optimiza la eficiencia


  • BER testing
  • EDFA characterization
  • System/component loss simulation
  • Accurate power-level monitoring
  • Instrument calibration
  • Linearity measurement
  • High-precision variable optical source output
  • Optical margin analysis


A fully programmable solution

Optical system vendors and transceiver manufacturers know that variable attenuators are essential to keeping their test systems running smoothly. They look for performance, user-friendliness, complete control of test parameters and advanced programming capability. EXFO’s IQS-3150 Variable Attenuator combines innovative design techniques, high-quality components and meticulous calibration procedure.

Option: automatic power monitoring

The power monitoring option allows the attenuator output power level to be set directly. When enabled, this function ensures power stability, even if the source power fluctuates. This option also simplifies test setups, eliminating the need for an external power meter.

Rugged and reliable

Flexible, fully programmable and built for both singlemode and multimode applications, the IQS-3150 features an extremely rugged design that only uses two moving parts (a rotating motor for the shutter and a linear motor for the filter) and state-of-the-art electronics.

The attenuator’s optomechanical assembly was tested at its highest operating temperature, at a very high relative humidity level, and with a continuous incident optical power of 23 dBm at 1550 nm—the equivalent of eight years of operation in typical BER testing conditions. Results demonstrated that the IQS-3150 can endure 24/7 operation for years without requiring maintenance.

Attenuation modes

Choose from three attenuation modes: absolute, relative and X+B (complete user calibration offset features). Cycle through a repeatable sequence of customized attenuation steps. These modes apply to both singlemode and multimode fiber applications. What’s more, the IQS-3150 offers a user-friendly Windows environment, making for a first-class variable attenuator.

IQS-3150 - Atenuador variable

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