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The BV-2042V ASI Input Module is a unique solution for headend or remote monitoring of multiple ASI ports.

Hoja de especificaciones (PDF)

Características principales

  • Optimized for high-density monitoring of many ASI sources
  • Six asynchronous serial interface (ASI) connectors per module
  • Supports continuous and round-robin analysis
  • Monitor up to 13 ASI ports per one-unit rack-mount (fully configured chassis performing round-robin analysis)
  • Compatible with the BV-2000V and BV-1200V Video Verifiers


The BV-2042V ASI Input Module provides high-capacity, high-density ASI monitoring in an affordable integrated system. It is perfect for existing infrastructures in the headend as well as in regional edge-multiplexer/modulator/transmitter sites where ASI infrastructure is used.

Operators can choose real-time continuous monitoring, or round-robin monitoring for higher port coverage. The following configuration shows a typical deployment and the flexibility of choices available.

In continuous mode, each input module monitors two ASI ports, and a fully configured one-unit rack-mounted (1RU) chassis monitors five ASI ports (including one ASI port monitored by the Verifier). In round-robin mode, each input module monitors six ASI ports, and a fully configured one-unit rack-mounted chassis monitors 13 ASI ports (including one ASI port monitored by the Verifier). Adding more one-unit chassis systems expands capacity in multiples of these factors.

The input module is part of a chassis-based system. Each chassis can be equipped with a single BV1200V or BV2000V Verifier that has one or two input modules under its control. A variety of input modules are available to support various connectors and feeds found in video delivery systems. It is possible to combine a BV-2042V with a different input interface module.

The system is very well suited for complete satellite feed monitoring into a headend. A single one-unit rack-mounted chassis could support one BV-2070V input module for satellite monitoring, one BV-2042V input module for ASI monitoring and one BV-2000V or BV-1200V Verifier providing Ethernet/IP monitoring plus an additional ASI port. Other available input modules include BV-2062V for cable/VSB terrestrial monitoring and BV-2050 for COFDM terrestrial. Content extractor BV-2080V can also be used in the chassis.

The BV-2042V is designed to be used in concert with EXFO’s EXFO Vision Live Monitoring software.


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