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BV-1201V-H - hospitality/CPE video probe

Video monitoring at the network edge: designed for the hospitality industry, this verifier provides 24/7 assurance of QAM and IP video streams at key service provider demarcation points and edge network locations as well as feature-rich interactive troubleshooting tools.

Hoja de especificaciones (PDF)

Características principales

  • Network-capable video verifier in CPE-styled hardware package
  • IP video and cable QAM video interfaces
  • 24/7 real-time video stream monitoring and analysis
  • Full alarming and thresholding capabilities
  • Robust troubleshooting capabilities via browser-based GUI
  • Remote viewing of streams via IP interface for virtual truck roll visibility


When delivering video services across a variety of network elements, the challenge has always been to maintain a perfect stream quality from the origin to the consumer. With automation and proactive assurance at the network edge, a reliable measure of the video services flowing through a service provider’s network can increase the consumer’s quality of experience (QoE) and reduce time to repair.

The BV-1201V-H Video Verifier is the latest addition to EXFO’s suite of service assurance solutions for monitoring IP- and cable-based QAM video streams. The verifier brings new video stream decryption capabilities with Pro:Idiom®* technology along with network-class monitoring that is deployable at demarcation points at the service provider’s network edge locations.

* Pro:Idiom® is a registered trademark of Zenith Electronics LLC

BV-1201V-H - hospitality/CPE video probe

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