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  • octubre 16, 2018
  • London, UK
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Better Telecom Tech, Faster.
Future Telecom Tech, Now.

The collective aim of the TIP community is to collaborate on building new technologies, examining new business approaches, and spurring investment in the telecom space. Between our Project Groups, Labs, and TIP Ecosystem Acceleration Centers (TEACs), we are driving change in each of these areas.

EXFO will be collaborating with members of the TIP project group–including BT and Cloudstreet–to demonstrate how communication service providers can model, monitor and assure 5G services between multiple operators.

Using modelling and open APIs, this ambitious proof of concept demonstrates how various use cases (e.g., gaming) can be delivered and assured end-to-end across partners’ networks. EXFO is contributing its service assurance expertise to this project.

Come see our joint demo!

When: October 17 at 2:35 p.m.
Where: Spotlight Theatre

This session outlines the goals and deliverables of the End-to-End Network Slicing (E2ENS) project as it transitions from a conceptual phase to the first set of TIP community lab trials supporting 4G use cases and the path to address 5G use cases and applications.

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