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Carreras profesionales en EXFO


Technical Lead

Richardson, United States

Job summary

Under the supervision of the Software Manager, the Technical Lead provides the leadership and technical coordination within the Software Development team.  This team, mostly software designers, develops different EXFO frameworks for Big Data within the Service Assurance business unit.  The technical lead participates actively to the evolution of the Nova Big Data Architecture through the Big Data Framework. From his/her experience in software engineering and his/her excellent overall understanding of product development, the Technical Lead is a pillar in product development.


What you’ll do

More specifically, you will:

  • Establish and ensure the implementation of the technical roadmap for a specific technical domain in support of the upcoming needs and requirements. 
  • Actively participate in projects or system releases and meetings 
  • Be responsible for technical debt for the specific technical domain 
  • Work closely with Architects to ensure the proper implementation of defined architecture
  • Be in-charge of preparing high-level planning estimates for upcoming work (releases or projects) linked to Portfolio orientation & decisions (VSI)
  • Bring technical expertise to the teams in the same domain
  • Be responsible for technical coaching and mentoring for junior members.
  • May participate as a technical reference in the Annual GPS Recap process for the employees as an additional evaluator
  • Be responsible for evaluating the technical training (development) needs of the team and bringing them to the attention of the Manager.
  • May be able to take on additional Agile roles as appropriate, including the role of Technical Owner (Software). 

If necessary, the Technical Lead performs other related duties related to his job.


What we’re looking for


Technical skills


  • In-depth knowledge of, Java & JavaScript programming language and development environment;
  • In-depth knowledge of Agile Development Methodology and processes
  • In-depth knowledge of development methodologies such as automated test strategies, source control and version control management, debugging tools, etc.
  • In-depth knowledge of object-oriented programming concepts
  • Knowledge of Big Data technologies such as the HADOOP ecosystem, streaming frameworks (Spark, Flink), Kafka, etc.
  • Good knowledge of monitoring and analytics applications for Mobile Telephony would be considered a strong asset


Required aptitudes


  • Ability to provide clear instructions and provide guidance on a consistent basis;
  • Strong skills in teamwork and leadership;
  • Ability to organize and coordinate projects;
  • Ability in work planning and time management;
  • Good communication skills (spoken and written);
  • Good capacity of analysis and problem solving.


Must have


  • Bachelor’s Degree in software, Computer or Electrical Engineering;
  • Minimum of 10 years of related experience in Software Development;
  • Bilingual: French and English (spoken and written);
  • Work experience (development) with international multi-sites team (India, France, US) is an asset.


Other:   Must have a US citizenship or be a permanent resident of US.


Any other combination of experience/studies will be considered.

Technical Lead Richardson, United States | Posted abril 6, 2021

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