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Carreras profesionales en EXFO


Software Developer Intern

Montréal, Canada

Job summary

EXFO is currently transitioning its development teams towards DevOps methodologies and practices. To enable that change in philosophy, a migration must be made away from separate tools and workflows towards a single integrated tool and workflow that all team members can participate in.

As a member of our team, you will be responsible for assisting development teams migrate away from their current tools and towards GitLab. Also, in that migration, you will help introduce usage patterns & guidelines that will assist those development teams in changing how they work. In this role you will gain experience with the DevOps culture as well as a better understanding of industry leading development processes like the Scaled Agile Framework.


What you’ll do

  • Interact on a regular basis with team members distributed globally.
  • Capture migration requirements from the team and deliver completed automation scripts for review
  • Produce & maintain automation scripts that would allow for a quick and reproducible migration of teams to the new tools and processes.
  • Automate provisioning, monitoring & maintenance steps to help manage our team’s administration overhead


What we’re looking for


Technical skills


  • Familiarity with the following languages:Python, JavaScript, Bash, YAML
  • Familiarity with Docker & using container images will be helpful
  • Familiarity with Prometheus & Grafana will be helpful
  • Familiarity with Ansible & Terraform will be helpful


Required aptitudes

  • Passionate and persevering;
  • Attention to detail and quality of work;
  • Ability to work as part of a team;
  • Organizational skills;
  • Good communication skills;
  • Autonomy.


Must have

Education: Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science

Software Engineering, Computer Eng


Language:   English + French. Fluency in English is important


Software Developer Intern Montréal, Canada | Posted junio 22, 2021

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